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During the past ten years, I have come to respect Ayer’s craftsmanship and commitment to integrity. The three cars that I’ve purchased have always lived up to the expectations placed on them.

Ray’s assistance with normal maintenance and willingness to help me has always been superior.

All restoration performed on my cars has been impeccable in structural and finishing detail. I appreciate fine restoration. The compliments I receive on my current BMW reinforce all of the reasons that I do business and will continue to do business with Ayer European Auto.
The entire sales process is always professional, non-pressured and uncomplicated.

My future vehicle purchases will be made at Ayer European Auto Sales.

Dave Ifill

“Oh good grief…I cannot believe it…not even the color is close!”…These were the comments I received from the whole staff of Ray Ayer’s European Auto Restoration Shop as they walked outside on a bright sunny day to observe, in amazement, the recent repair inflicted on my pewter metallic 1981 911SC Porsche Coupe, which at that time was my first and only European automobile. “I cannot believe an aftermarket fender for such a little dent,” commented Ray Ayer, “The originals are hand-made and fitted.” Judging the scene, not mentioning the orange peel effect and slightly yellow metallic color, Ray said, “If you can get back the original fender, we can correct this disaster back to perfect.” And so it was, within two weeks, original fender and perfect pewter metallic paint, returning my precious Porsche to OEM status.

Thus was the beginning of my relationship with Ray Ayer of Gardiner, Maine, his restoration shop, his staff, and his incredible knowledge of European cars and their body mechanics. “Paint lines been changed, door jams not correct, new fender on the drivers side, hidden rust covered with plastic.”…on and on it goes. A life experience, an education, a place to buy unique cars and above all – a commitment to long term relationships with those who truly enjoy and learn to love and live their automobiles. Certainly not just transportation but a way of life that endures, day after day and year after year.

My beginnings and continuing weekly since 1986.

N. Craig Baumm M.D.
East Boothbay, Maine

test2I bought this 1973 Porsche 911T from Ayer’s after Ray helped me conclude a long search for a top-quality early 911. The photo is from the Porsche Club Parade at Mt. Tremblant Canada last summer. It shows Peter and Wolfgang Porsche checking out the car at the National Parade Concours. Wolfgang noted the mileage (98k at the time), and motioned Peter over for a look. They were laughing and talking in German mixed with English. Wolfgang said something to the effec of, “Jeez, here’s a guy that actually DRIVES his concours car!”. Many cars competing at this show arrived on enclosed trailers and are rarely driven on the road…which these two members of the Porsche family evidently feel isn’t the best use of their automobiles.

In fact, my 911T used to belong to Ray himself, and his long-term care is a big reason the car remains a winner despit 27 years and more than 100k miles. Ray’s shop repainted the car it’s original Irish Green color some 20 years ago, and except for a few “character-building” stone chips the paint still looks new, with amazing depth and clarity of finish. The car recently won second place in the Early 911 class at the Porsche Club Zone One Concours in Lake Placid NY, where the notoriously picky PCA judges couldn’t tell if the car had been resprayed or was factory original.

My old 911 has accumulated a shelf full of trophies from car shows around Maine and New England, and at almost every event somebody still asks “Is that Ray Ayer’s car?”

I always answer, “Nope, it’s MINE now!”

Thanks, Ray, for a great car. This one’s a keeper.

Dave Getchell,
Camden, Maine

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